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Imaging of nuclear gamma-ray lines in the 1–10 MeV range is far from being established in both medical and physical applications. In proton therapy, 4.4 MeV gamma rays are emitted from the excited nucleus of either 12C or 11B and are considered good indicators of dose delivery and/or range verification. Further, in gamma-ray astronomy, 4.4. I raggi gamma da decadimento radioattivo sono nell'intervallo di energia da pochi keV a ~ 8 MeV, corrispondenti ai livelli di energia tipici nuclei con ragionevolmente lunghi tempi di vita. Lo spettro di energia dei raggi gamma può essere utilizzato per identificare i decomposizione radionuclidi mediante spettroscopia gamma. While NASA’s Compton Gamma-ray Observatory CGRO enabled us to explore the Gamma-ray universe, ESA’s INTEGRAL mission, launched in 2002, is providing us more detailed information with its superior energy and angular resolution. We will briefly discuss some of the current issues in MeV Gamma-ray Astrophysics.

• The hard X-ray and GeV skies look different: only 9% of the GeV pulsars and 5% of the GeV AGN have been detected around 100 keV; conversely, only 9% of the hard X-ray sources seen by INTEGRAL and Swift BAT have been detected by Fermi LAT. • Marked spectral breaks must exist in the MeV band for most gamma-ray sources. 14/03/2017 · MeV-range ions are routinely generated by waves in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies ICRF and diagnosed by high-resolution γ-ray spectrometry GRS and neutron emission spectrometry NES at JET. Substantial densities of MeV-range α-particles are expected in the upcoming DT campaign. ComPair ComPair and future perspec2ves in MeV Gamma-ray astronomy Alexander Moiseev SciNeGHE-2016 1 • Why MeV range? • What science is there? – thanks to Marco Tavani for excellent.

Scientific Optimization for Proposed MeV Gamma-Ray Instruments, Lessons Learned From the Fermi-LAT Eric Charles SLAC 2015 APS April Meeting Mini-symposium on Future MeV Gamma-Ray Science and MIssions. Outline • Context: the under-explored MeV sky. Point source sensitivity of gamma-ray telescopes. 18/09/2019 · Gamma-ray line observations in the MeV band offer unique opportunities to reveal the multi-source origins of the metal content of our galaxy. It furthermore offers an opportunity to probe the central regions of these explosive sites through the glow of supernova remnants that occurred in the past millennium, or the detection of SNe in the local universe.

Si pensa che questi raggi gamma vengano prodotti dall'alta intensità del campo elettrostatico che accelera gli elettroni poi rallentati dagli urti con gli altri atomi presenti nell'atmosfera. I temporali possono generare raggi gamma di intensità fino a 100 MeV. The gamma ray tool was the first nuclear log to come into service, around 1930 see Fig. 3. Gamma ray logs are used primarily to distinguish clean, potentially productive intervals from probable unproductive shale intervals. The measurement is used to locate shale beds and quantify shale volume. MeV Gamma-ray Gravitational Wave GW Synergy Valerie Connaughton Universities Space Research Association Huntsville, AL 1 Thursday, March 24, 16. AGILE observations of intense gamma-ray emission from the blazar 3C 279 ATel 11200 F. Lucarelli et al.. The AGILE-GRID has been detecting an extraordinary intense gamma-ray emission above 100 MeV from the flat spectrum radio quasar 3C 279. The polarization sensitivity of e-ASTROGAM is designed to enable measurements of the gamma-ray polarization fraction in more than 20 GRBs per year GRBs being promising candidates for highly gamma-ray polarized sources, see, e.g., McConnell, 2017.

Keywords: γ-ray spectrometry, neutron emission spectrometry, velocity-space tomography, fast ions, tokamak Some figures may appear in colour only in the online journal M. Salewski et al MeV-range velocity-space tomography from gamma-ray and neutron emission spectrometry measurements at JET Printed in the UK 056001 NUFUAU. MeV gamma-ray astronomy with COMPTEL reloaded Andy Strong, Werner Collmar MPE Garching eAstrogam Workshop Padova, 28 Feb – 2 Mar 2017. The gamma-ray telescope flown on the Third Solar Observatory launched in 1967 achieved the first definitive observation of high-energy cosmic gamma rays from both galactic and extragalactic sources. The gamma-ray instrument onboard registered 621 events attributed to cosmic gamma rays above 50 MeV.

The Tracking and Imaging Gamma-Ray Experiment TIGRE uses multilayers of silicon strip detectors both as a gamma-ray converter and to track Compton recoil electrons and positron-electron pairs. The silicon strip detectors also measure the energy losses of these particles. For Compton events, the direction and energy of the Compton scattered. Gamma-Ray Constraint on Galactic Positron Production by MeV Dark Matter John F. Beacom,1,2 Nicole F. Bell,3,4 and Gianfranco Bertone3 1Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210 2Department of Astronomy, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210. 06/05/2016 · Intense beams of gamma rays would find a host of uses in fundamental physics research, nuclear fusion, and medicine, but they are hard to produce. A team has now used computer simulations to show that a powerful laser hitting a plastic surface can generate intense gamma-ray emission. a variety of gamma-ray emission processes [106]. Similarly, in the hard X-ray/low-energy gamma-ray band, the latest catalog of sources detected with the Burst Alert Telescope BAT of the Neil Gehrels Swift observatory contains 1632 sources in the range 14195 keV [99]. But at intermediate photon energies, between 0.2 and 100 MeV, only a few. Abstract: GRAMS Gamma-Ray and AntiMatter Survey is a novel project that can simultaneously target both astrophysical observations with MeV gamma rays.

The gamma-ray spectrum from Na 24 has been studied with a scintillation spectrometer with an anticoincidence annulus of NaITl. Gamma rays with energies of 3.85 MeV and 4.1 MeV are observed in addition to the well-known gamma rays with energies of 2.753 MeV and 1.3686 MeV. The intensities of the 3.85 MeV gamma ray and the 4.1 MeV gamma. AGILE is the first of a new generation of high-energy space missions based on solid-state silicon technology, combining for the first time two sophisticated co-axial instruments: a gamma-ray detector, sensitive to photons with energy in the range 30 MeV - 50 GeV, and a hard X-ray detector, sensitive in the range 18 - 60 keV. The next gamma-ray MeV-GeV mission: the e-ASTROGAM project Proposed for the ESA M4 call; currently under study for enhancement and reconfiguration for the ESA M5 call. e-ASTROGAM is focused on gamma-ray astrophysics in the range 0.3-100 MeV with excellent capability up to GeV energies. MeV – GeV astrophysics MeV – GeV community. S1 M4!

ray spectrometer can measure and display the energies of the gamma-ray photons detected. Radioactive nuclei radionuclides commonly emit gamma rays in the energy range from a few keV to ~10 MeV, corresponding to the typical energy levels in nuclei with reasonably long lifetimes. Such sources typically produce gamma-ray "line spectra" i.e. Il Gamma Ray log, abitualmente indicato come GR, è un log geofisico di foro che misura la radiazione naturale, che caratterizza ogni roccia della crosta terrestre, lungo il.

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